The Mongoose

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IoM #influencer. Really clever. BSc Hauntings, Spirits & Poltergeists. Want to share everything fascinating and interesting about our Island.

Barrel Roll Witch: Hop Tu Naa Makeup Tutorial

They see her rollin’, they hatin Barrel Roll Witch Jinny the Witch? More like Jinny the B!tch, am I right?! Tough crowd. You’ll remember, we told you all about Jinny and her rat lathering ways. Now, J…

Manannan: Hop-tu-Naa Make Up Tutorial

THIS YEAR STICK TO YOUR ROOTS. EMBRACE OUR MANX MYTHICAL MADNESS. No, not the bloody boat. The God. This dude was a proper bada$$. He’s the Lord of the F***ING SEA!!! You don’t mess around with the lo…