Lucy Shea


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Can colour in the lines. Likes cheese. Ambidextrous as of April 2018.

In memory of Selina

Did you know, there are currently over 1,000 people on the Isle of Man suffering from some form of epilepsy. Worldwide, this figure increases to 60 million. Epilepsy, a central nervous system (neurolo…

The White Wedding

The Isle of Man loses its shit on a snow day. After all of the excitement and build up, people don’t actually know what to do. We come to a standstill (apart from the hero’s at Maccies). Imagine havin…

Beauty Gifts For All Ages

1. Zoeva Plaisir Box A gorgeous brand, Zoeva offer 3 chocolate inspired palettes to suit every skin type; Blanc Fusion, Cocoa Blend and Caramel Melange. Available on beautybay.com. 2. Limecrime Dream …