Ruairi Poole


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Fussy Tea Drinker, trying hard not show my hipster tendencies.

By Order of the Peaky Finders

Do you ever agree to do something after a few beers and wake up with a hangover stinkin’ of regret? Well that’s kinda what happened with 6 local lads when they decided to raise money for charity by co…

The Magical Manx Wedding

“Fancy working a wedding bar with me mate?” “Sure, why not, it’ll be a laugh.” Working the bar at an event far surpasses the standard pub bar shift. You tend to go in there with little to no expectati…

Hay fever; a curse

Summer brings hope, joy and a rejuvenated spirit that suppresses those winter feels as you are able to enjoy life again. But just as you thought that all your summer dreams were coming true… BAM… it h…