Where: Onchan Village Walk
When: Friday 20 April 2018
Why: Because ‘networking’ your a$$ off is a damn sight easier with a couple of drinks in you, right?

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Got an idea for a business but don’t know where to start?

Been rollin’ solo for a while and need to freshen things up?

Sick of the day job but in need some inspiration?

Starting out on your own can be a pretty scary time. So dust off those big ol’ boots and start walking your own path, because you’re now in control of your own destiny.

Wow, intense much?! Sounds pretty lonely to us…

Enter Gef.

Your friendly neighbourhood Mongoose is here to take hold of your hand and help you walk that big scary path to greatness. Think of us as the Scarecrow to your Dorothy, the Ryan to your Seth or the Dionne to your Cher.

“Stop. Collaborate. And Listen”

On April 20th we’re launching Gefachella; a no B.S. business start up festival, built for founders, by founders.

Tickets to Gefachella are priced at £15 and include;

  • A warm bloody (Mary) welcome
  • Two tacos
  • A sh!t ton of inspiration

Gefachella was born from the progressive ideology that collaboration is better than competition, and promises to be a the perfect platform for networking, information, knowledge sharing and education, with a little bit – scrap that – a lot of party thrown in for good measure.

To help us out, we’ve assembled a crack team of entrepreneurs, starter-uppers and seasoned pros who’ve either been there, done that or are right there in the same boat with you. Because we believe that those best placed to give help and advice, are your peers and contemporaries, not open collared billionaires #motivational



Last week we launched our ‘logo wall of inspiration’, a showcase of all that is awesome on the IOM entrepreneurial scene in 2018.

If your logo’s on our wall, it means you’re on our radar and need not do anything, other than show up and revel in your own awesomeness! If you don’t see your logo, we’re sorry we missed you! Just drop us a line and with your logo attached and we’ll be sure to add you right in!

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What’s it all about?

We’re starting the proceedings at 2pm with a Bloody Mary welcome from our besties, lewislewis. Before kick starting our daily scheduled programming of informal chats and panel discussions, including; “An idiots guide to funding”, “Fail fast, learn and move on” and “Stop. Collaborate and listen”. All of which will be hosted by and feature a whole horde of sensationally inspirational local folk!

From 6pm we’ll be turning down the lights, and turning up the tunes… Because being charming A.F. and ‘networking’ your a$$ off is a damn sight easier with a couple of drinks in you, right?

We’ll be breaking the ice (ice, baby) with a bout of ‘Hip-hop Kareoke’, slinging drinks from the Foraging Vintners pop-up bar and serving up South American treats from ‘La Costenas’ taco bar. We’re ending the night with a set of banging tunes from the UNDRGRND DJ collective.


Wait, will there be free pens?

We know what you’re thinking… You’ve been to a million of these things, and yeah, the goodie bag is pretty sweet, no running out of pens for the foreseeable huh? Well forget about the pens, in fact, screw it! We hereby declare there’ll be no free pens! Yeah, bring your own pen!

Whether you’re taking the first steps towards launching your business, you’re already on the road to riches or even if you just have an idea; we’re here to help and support the next generation of Isle of Man based founders succeed whilst showcasing the island’s already vibrant, creative, entrepreneurial and cultural scene.

When & Where?!

Interest piqued? Grab yourself a ticket and join us on April 20th from 14:00 ‘til late at Unit 1A Village Walk, Onchan – for those of you with a memory better than ours, it’s the old Shoprite store.

It’s a little rough, raw and jagged at the edges, but we figured it channelled that start-up adventure vibe a little more than those glossy white columned buildings we’re so accustomed to.

You’re going to need to be quick off the mark then! We’ve had a whole lot of interest, and have a rather limited capacity…

We really hope you can join us and our force of Isle of Man based founders, entrepreneurs and creatives. We all wholeheartedly believe that through collaboration and the sharing of ideas we can create better ideas. Growing together as a collective, rather than going it alone.

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*If none of the above applies to you and you merely got confused looking for Coachella, then please disregard everything, because you’re in totally the wrong place… Whilst our super awesome sponsors at IOM Enterprises, Bridge Angel Network and the Department for Enterprise have been incredibly generous, we unfortunately didn’t quite have enough in the budget for Queen Bey!