Sub headings should be H2

You can bold text for an intro paragraph if the content requires it.

This is normal paragraph text. Hella meditation helvetica, chillwave gentrify synth selvage ennui enamel pin glossier pickled tote bag four dollar toast gastropub. Williamsburg live-edge heirloom slow-carb, dolore artisan seitan locavore.

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This is a quote:

They’re good dogs Brent

Sub-sub headings would be Heading Level 3

This is an internal link to Mongoose content and should always be set to open in the same tab.

This is an external link to someone else’s website and should always bet to “in a new tab“.

Lists (this is a H4  heading used for the lowest level headings)

An un-ordered list:

  • list item 1
  • list item 2
  • list item 3

A  numbered list:

  1. list item 1
  2. list item 2
  3. list item 3

An image – note the ALT tag is descriptive (hover to view)

A doge giving the angry














Heading One

Heading Two

Heading Three

Heading Four